Arrotolatore di prodotti ROLL120


  • Rolling on winder belt.
  • No elastic strings.
  • Rolls come out in automatically with thickness of product under a millimeter.
  • Maximal sanification of the machine and the winder belt



This machine allows the production of rolls with single or more products. Unlike other rolling system, the roll operation is made on the winder belt and not on elastic strings, ensuring the rolling of products under a millimeters without damages.

Technical features

  • Regulation of the rolling diameter.
  • Belt of preparation of the overlapping products.
  • Kit of rollers, with maximum diameter of 30mm, for rolling different diameter.
  • Number of maximum rolls with single module of rolling: 40 products/minute.
  • Optional: double rolling module (80 products/minute).
  • Management of the parameters on the operator monitor.