Robotized loader (with delta robot)CAERD 1-2


  • Automatic loader in thermoformer or tray sealer of various sliced product.
  • Overlapping of the portions.
  • Quick change of the gripper.
  • Automatic adjustment of the portion gripping.
  • Modularity of the system for future integrations.
  • Easy access to the packaging machine (for example thermoformer).
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance



The loader system with Delta robot is used in the applications where it is necessary an accurate handling of the products. The special interchangeable grippers allow the grip of various type of products, both with mechanical system, both with vacuum trough suckers. The recognition of the products through the system vision, allows an excellent gripping of the portions. This machine is suitable for discharging the products in thermoformer, tray-sealer and flow-pack.

Technical features

  • Robot cell with gripper .
  • Entrance product belt with system vision.
  • This system is able to correct the gripping of the products.
  • Managing of the products: from 40 to 60 products/minute.