Macchines 1

Panino rolls Line ROLL4L

Loader LE20R

High capacity automatic line for the production of sliced ​​and cheese meat rolls.Possibility of manual or automatic loading into the packaging machine.Possibility of rolling cheese sticks.
1,2,3,4-way automatic line.

Watch the video 4-way manual discharge

Watch the video 4-way automatic discharge

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New ELCAT LOADER WITH ROBOT LER20_ loading of cold cuts or cheese in thermoformer or preformed trays. - Rotation of the portions before the discharge in the thermoformer - 10/11 cycles/min - Flexibility: range of robot rotation is -90° to 180°-Overlapping of the portions Exclusion of the Robot when the production no need to rotate or overlap the portions.Compact dimensions to install the Robot in almost all existing thermoformer New Design,Better Performance, More Flexibility, Low Maintenance.

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Tray stacker EST

Centrifuge Feeder CFE

New Elcat trays stacker .Quick setting of the trays stacked number and fast belt change to work with different trays sizes. Max infeed 80 trays/min.

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The CFE Feeder is uniquely designed for the fresh and frozen food industry. Food products needing hygienic unscrambling and sorting such as frozen or fresh bread, cookies, sausages, bagels, cheese sticks, egg rolls, meat patties, and hot dogs are perfectly suited for this feeder. The custom design can feed and orient food products at speeds up to 500 parts per minute.

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Lifter for slicer ELI

Box filling cell by trays picking system

ELCAT Automatic lifter for slicer logs feeding. Equipment composed by liquid collection tank to peel the products and system to lift from 800mm to 1300mm the logs for the slicer feeding.

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This machine allows to fill up boxes with trays. In first step the trays are controlled by 3d vision system and if they're no good they are discharged. The camera is able to find: the no good portions inside the tray, the no good label or the no good shape of the trays. After 3D vision system the trays go in the multi belt conveyor and then in the pick and place robot that pick and place them in the boxes. The boxes are automatically moved in the robot cell.

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Overlapping module MSEV3

MSEV3-ELCAT Automatic Oberlapping module.Automatic overlap change, no removal of mechanical parts,single or double module.

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