Points of strength

Founded in 1996, with over 20 years of activity in food processing, ELCAT counts on a qualified engineering team well experienced in designing tailor-made automated lines for food handling and packaging in preformed and thermoformed trays solutions.
Elcat Food Technology is today a world leader in designing, assembling, and distributing high performing-machines specific for 
-              sliced foods automated weight selection and handling,
-              multiple slices stacking and sticks rolling, 
-              tray loading, transfer, positioning, and stacking.
Sliced meat, cheese, bacon, hamburgers, wursts, chees+ham rolls, cheese sticks+ham rolls, ham and cheese sandwiches such as the cheesewich are some products our automated lines can handle. Every device can provide the possibility of unloading slicers, creating buffers, positioning slices, loading, and manipulating trays.
Our devices' unique characteristics are:
1.            FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY: we design our machines to be installed quickly in existing systems and to communicate adequately with other devices.
2.            CUSTOMIZATION: We focus our business strategy and team on developing tailor-made devices considering and satisfying any customer need. We love sharing, at the same time, our know-how, helping customers to reach the best performances and durability of their whole food processing lines. 
3.            HIGH PRODUCTIVITY AND FAST SET-UP: Reducing set-up and maintenance time on devices is another primary objective of our engineering team.
4.            EASY, EFFECTIVE, AND EFFICIENT SANITATION: Sanitation of devices is the most critical aspect we take care of during the design of our machines. 
5.            HANDLING LOW-CONSISTENCY FOODS: We are experts in designing low-consistency food handling machines respecting specific quality and hygienic regulations.