• Sortering of the products in different ways based on the weight class.
  • Counting of the number of the products weighed.
  • Counting of the number of the products weighed for each way with also the total weight.
  • Counting of the number of the products out of weight.



This selector allows to sorter the products in 4 four different ways. The product in entrance is spaced from first belt and then weighed on another belt positioned on the weigher. After the weighing the product is sent in to the chosen way (each way correspond to a specific weight class), where a pusher push the product in the way. The management software allows to open and close different lot, to memorize every weighing for each ways and to send the data to the central system.

Technical features

  • Entrance belt.
  • Weigher belt in stainless steel .
  • Sorter belt with four lateral ways and one final ways.
  • Four stainless steel pusher pneumatically actuated for push the product in the correct way.
  • Motor-reducer control by inverter.
  • Management of the accumulation products.
  • Management of production lot.
  • Sending of the data to central system.
  • Management of the parameters on the operator display.