Shuttle System 


  • Flexibility of the transport of the single product with the possibility to have straight and curved sections.
  • Cost reduction compared to the traditional loaders.
  • Spaces reduction and possibility to fit with every thermoformer or tray sealer.
  • Possibility to bufferize the products according on the number of shuttles.
  • Is possible to use the shuttles conveyor system from 2/3 slicers, for creating different compositions in the trays.
  • Maximum cleaning of the system, NO ELECTRIC CONTACT and quickly remove of the plates.



Loading system receives the products from a belt connected to the slicer and, by another belt, discharges in “running mode” the products on the plates that are positioned on a series of shuttles that run along the top path of the belt until the grip position of the robot that discharge the products in the tray. The return of the empty shuttles run under the path of the belt in order to reduce the spaces. 

The system is composed by:

  • Connection belt for receiving the product from the slicer.
  • Discharge belt on plates.
  • Plates conveyor with blocker system before the discharge belt and gripper zone of the robot. The conveyor belt of the plates can be curve for better installation with the existing machines.
  • Robotized cell CAERD for the gripping of the product from the plate and then the discharge in the packaging system.

Technical features

  • Width of conveyor = 500mm.
  • Length of conveyor = 500mm.
  • Minimum dimension of plates = 250 mm x 250 mm.
  • Removable plates.
  • Stainless steel structure completely cleanable.
  • Parameters management and job recipes storage directly on the operator display.