Buffer Verticale


  • Efficiency on the production line.
  • Buffering in case of stop of the down stream machine.
  • Buffering during the change product in the upstream machine.
  • It gives continuity to the production.
  • From 15 to 18 buffer layers for buffering the portions.



This machine allows to buffer the portions and it gives continuity to the production. The buffer has 3 main working modes:

  • BUFFERING FOR DEAD TIME: it allows to continue the work though the upstream machine doesn’t work. For example: if I have a thermoformer that can managing 40 portions/minute, I can put in the upstream slicer a product of 50 portions/minute. In this case in a minute the product will be completely sliced and 40 portions will be managed by thermoformer and 10 portions will be on the buffer. The buffer in this case need more or less 15 second for discharging all the portions, it means that there are 15 second for making the change product in slicer and in this time the machine downstream, the thermoformer, doesn’t stop to work. So with the buffer it is possible to work in the dead time of the change product.
  • BUFFERING FOR STOPPING PRODUCTION LINE: it allows to manage the stop of production line. For example: if upstream of the production line I have a machine that can’t stop immediately and downstream I have an stop of the machine, there are the portions that come out from the upstream machine while the line is stop and they accumulate one over the other. With the buffer it is possible managing this portions, so it is possible to stop the production line without problems.
  • BUFFERING FOR BOTH SITUATION: it allows to manage the dead time of change product in the slicer and also the stop of production line. It is possible to choose how many layer are used for dead time and how many are used for stopping of the production line.

Technical features

  • From 15 to 18 buffer layers.
  • Entrance belt.
  • Exit belt.
  • The buffer could be an indipendent module or applicated to the loader of the Elcat.
  • Stainless steel structure completely cleanable.
  • Parameters management and job recipes storage directly on the operator display.